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Make informed decisions when it comes to your vehicle

Our vehicles are one of the most valuable assets that we own, so why shouldn’t we use every available resource we have to protect that investment? If you want to make an informed decision when it comes to your vehicle, then using Autowiz to aggregate the important data that you need is the right choice.

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Auto Repairs / Services

In your time of need, use Autowiz to find repair and maintenance options for your vehicle. We help you find the right fit that is affordable, effective, and fast for your vehicle maintenance needs.

Auto Parts

Never have trouble tracking down auto parts again with our vast network of auto service providers, including auto parts providers that can deliver the parts you need at an affordable rate.

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Auto Sales

When it comes time to replace your car and start anew, explore our vast network of sales partners to find a great option for you. You can filter by region, price, and type of vehicle that you need to get the best out of your auto sales experience.

Autowiz Features

A software that provides a better experience and solution for your vehicle needs.

A feed of Quote Requests

A feed for Customers and Garages for every quote requests and responses.


Quote Estimates from Garages

Customers get Quote Estimates from the garages.


Easy profile management

Manage your accounts easily with an added facility functionality to attract customers.


Autowiz helps make your life easier, while dealing with your vehicle needs

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