Autowiz brings thousands of neighbors to have better auto repair experience.

Autowiz was created for the purpose of providing a better experience for both the consumer and the auto industry. Whereas in the past, the consumer had little choice in the repair of his vehicle, with Autowiz, the consumer is now in charge.

Should the consumer be at a garage and be quoted a price for a particular repair, the consumer can access for free the Autowiz platform and check with other facilities if they are willing to do the work faster at a more competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a consumer need automotive repairs, he or she would provide Autowiz with basic information about their vehicle and register. Once registration is complete, Autowiz would provide a list of garages that could perform the repair based on information provided by the consumer.

When the customer is ready to perform the repair, they would access the Autowiz platform to find out which garages near them could perform this repair. They would then contact the garages using the platform and request quotes from them to confirm the cost. Garages would compete for your business and give you their best price and time at which they can do the work and it is up to the consumer to decide which facility and time best suits their needs

During the launch of the platform, the service is free to all consumers.

Yes the platform allows the consumer to communicate directly with the garage and book a time for the repair.

No, the repair is completed according to the policies and procedures of whichever garage the customer chooses. The consumer is encouraged to question the garage and it’s policies prior to using their services.

Definitely, the consumer controls the transaction so if they prefer parts from a particular supplier, they only have to inform the garage and make sure their wishes are honored.

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